Luxury Real Estate and Amenities




Luxury homes are often luxurious because of the amenities that accommodate them. These massive houses come with many commodities from many garage stalls, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, fireplaces, infinity pools and other amenities of extravagance. Here are some of the most popular amenities that luxury homes include.

A pool is one of the most popular amenities that are included in luxury homes. After a long, hot day of working, many people enjoy coming home to a large pool. Pools offer a serene environment and also provide entertainment for guests of all ages. These pools are usually surrounded by waterfalls, flowers, majestic lighting or a well-lit fire for nighttime entertainment and warmth. Infinity pools are an elegant type of pool that many luxury real estate properties acquire because of the opulent look it provides. Sometimes luxury homes will have indoor pools as well as the outdoor pool to accommodate the weather.

Numerous amount of garage space is included in these luxury homes as well. They can have stalls for over 20 cars, and often times are detached from the home to provide a more expansive look to the real estate property. A custom garage isn’t always used just for cars; it’s used for extra space as well. This space could be used as a place to work on vehicles, as a place to hang out or as a place to work out.

High-end textures are also an amenity that can’t be forgotten. The use of wall finishes, floor finishes and ceiling finishes with stone, glass and imported woods are becoming increasingly popular in the extravagant real estate business. Stone surfaces that can be found in the bathroom, kitchen and outside, provides a natural look.

Media centers that contain well-crafted paneling and built-in amenities like a bar, popcorn maker, refrigerators provide comfort with comfy seating and digital sound systems. Movie theaters are a popular expense for media centers in luxury homes, which can transform into more of a family room by blocking off the screen when it’s not in use.

Large kitchens that can host parties provide luxury homes with an elegant and welcoming feel to them. These large kitchens are usually open and can be close to the infinity pool. It offers a casual and compelling space to gather your guests.

Other amenities that are a growing trend include wine cellars, wet rooms, game rooms, libraries and beverage centers. Luxury homes are well known for their expansive list of amenities that make the home unique and elegant.



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