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Built in 2007 on a 6,630 square meter plot (71,365 sq ft), this villa is unrivaled in all of Berlin. It features highly efficient state-of-the-art facilities and a terrace with Bangkirai wood flooring and a heated outdoor pool with a countercurrent system. The buildings that surround the villa have a gym, a sauna, and an office. The villa is currently divided into three residential areas.

The highlight of the first floor is the combined living and dining area (90 m2, 965 sq ft) which features a home theater system, an open Eggersmann high-gloss kitchen, and a 3.2-meter ceiling (10.5 ft). All of the rooms have a bright and comfortable layout and every window you look out has a magnificent view of the natural beauty outside. The villa also has a bus system which allows you to easily remote control awnings, blinds, lights, surveillance cameras, the garden irrigation system, and your home theater equipment (which has its own room darkening system). In addition, the villa features top-grade materials and high-tech facilities, such as Solnhofen natural stone in the entrance area, Bembé parquet in the living area, a brushed stainless steel fireplace, wall monitors in the bathrooms, and underfloor heating in all rooms, to name just a few.

Features include: 1 fireplace(s), underfloor heating system

Amenities include: in-ground pool, Sauna, Cinema, Gym.


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